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Translating the Romantic Portuguese Language

...knowing Portuguese alone is not enough to do it correctly.

Not at all.

Why? Because translation really requires more than a good knowledge of the language.

There is a lot involved in trying to interpret the intent of the original text into the target language.

An experienced Portuguese-English (PT-EN) or English-Portuguese (EN-PT) translator knows the exact procedure to understand the context and the intent and then skillfully translate it into natural, understandable text.

The Contexts Are Different

...one language, different contexts.

When comparing how Portuguese is spoken between Brazil and Portugal, we notice that some of the expressions used in one country don’t translate or have a different meaning in the other.

For example, the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" has two very different translations in those countries.

In Brazil, it is closer to the original title Casamento Grego, which literally means “Greek Wedding”.

In Portugal, they were a bit more creative with the title: Viram-se Gregos para Casar, which includes an idiomatic expression.

In Portugal, the expression “ver-se grego” (“to see oneself as Greek”), means having to overcome obstacles in order to achieve a goal. So it is really a very clever title.

The Grammar Is Different

... syntax, vocabulary, etc.

Speaking of syntax, the use of prepositions, pronouns, and gerunds are totally different in each of the countries. Some examples:

The placement of the pronouns are diiferent.

In Brazil, to say Give me a hug, it is Me dá um abraço while in Portugal, it is Dá-me um abraço.

The prepositions used also varies.

To say I'm going to her house, the Brazilians use Vou na casa dela the Portuguese use Vou à casa dela.

And, Portugal doesn’t use gerunds (the continuous tense) at all. Brazil's version for It's raining is similar to the English language, Está chovendo, while the European says Está a chover.

As for vocabulary, the differences are many. Autocarro in Portugal and Ônibus in Brazil for the word bus. Telemóvel in Portugal and Celular in Brazil for cell phone. Etc.

Then we have same words used in both countries with completely different meanings, what we call "false friends". Words like apelido, cara, propina, etc.

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There Is More Than One Way To Translate It.

The world of Portuguese is divided into two main camps, namely, European and Brazilian.

The European form of the Portuguese language is supposedly spoken by nine nations. The nations were are Mozambique, Angola, Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Macau, Cape Verde, and São Tomé and Príncipe.

Obviously, only the Brazilians speak their own form.

However, there are more native Brazilian Portuguese speakers than all the European speaking nations added together.

Thus, both are important.

In fact, they can even change from region to region within the same country.

Vocabulary variations make up for the trickiest differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese.

Only one who is experienced in the language can tell the differences enough to deal with them when working on your document.

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