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About Our Translators

BRIDGE S.A. was formed in 2004 by a Singaporean who lived in Latin America for more than 5 years and who has taught and translated/proofread Spanish for 8 years.

She is today a team of carefully selected professional native translators and interpreters to ensure quality translations and interpretations.

Our local web-designer cum consultant, Ai Gek, also deserves credit for tirelessly lending expertise and professional support, thus making this website a possibility.

BRIDGE S.A. is based in Singapore. All translation projects will be co-ordinated mainly in Singapore. So you may know that you can always count on our availability to discuss project matters, be updated on the progress, and for any other needs during your office hours.

How We Were Formed
We believe it all started with God. We believe this was a God idea. He equipped an ordinary Singaporean man for His work and purposes. He is the rightful Founder of the company.

Why We Were Formed
BRIDGE S.A. is more than just a translation house. Linguistic services is just one aspect of our business that we are good at.

We were formed basically to promote trade between Singapore and Latin America (central and south America).

We were formed to promote the Latin American languages here in Singapore, to help equip our people for what is ahead.

In response to the efforts placed by the Singapore government paving the way into Latin America, we felt that we were in the position to do something for Singapore. What we had were the knowledge and years of experience with the Spanish language, an understanding of the Latin American culture (having lived with them for some years, we really think they are a wonderful lot of people), some helpful connections, and a desire to do something.

We understood that it was not only beneficial to create alliances with Latin America then (and even now), we believe that such alliances can be very important for Singapore in time to come.

GOD is good!

This all started because of God's love. He loved Chile, South America enough to call and send a young man on a missionary trip, armed with His message of love. The adventure for this young man began in the year 1994. It did not end till 1998. From there a Spanish speaking Singaporean Chinese was born. Only God can think of such an idea. Whoever God calls, He equips and there is no better equipper than He.

Through a series of divinely orchestrated events, this company was formed. God seems to have an interesting way to work with people and in people's life. To describe this wonder would require the writing of a book. Perhaps, the missionary should.

Anyways, here we are, a team formed by and for His own divine purpose.

What next?
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